Arrived in Granada, Nicaragua

Finally, I´ve made it to Nicaragua. I left Jersey this morning at 630am and almost missed my flight since the people at the airport could not for the life of them figure out how to reissue my ticket today with the new routing. I ran thru Newark and made it with minutes to spare on a little Embrair to Norfolk, VA. The flight was quick and quite beautiful. It went down the entire coastline and there acutally was lots to see. Norfolk seems like a cute little area, with beaches and trees and all sorts of stuff that would make it a fun place to spend a few days in the summer. I´ll have to go back again for a holiday.

From Norfolk, I caught my flight (on another Embrair) to Houston. It was a bit long, but I managed to sleep through most of it. At the Houston airport I parked myself for a while in the Continental club, which is perhaps the best club I´ve ever been to (altho I can say I have not been to a lot). Well decorated and located, plus the amentities were excellent too. From Houstin, it was on to Managua, where I landed about 20 minutes early. The imigration officer had a nice little chat with me, confused that I looked like I could speak Spanish but my name didn´t make any sense to him.

The van service I´d had arranged for was ready to pick me up right outside of bagage claim and it was a quick 50 minute ride or so to Granada. I came to the Oasis hostel, which is really nice. Free internet, phone calls, a garden in the middle and more I´m sure. I found a place to make a call to Jamus, and he´s on his way here now from dinner to meet up.