I’m Not Your Father

My phone rang at home today. My phone normally doesn’t ring and often when it does, I don’t answer it because nobody I know calls me on it. I was on the sofa next to the hand set so I answered it when it rang this evening. Here’s my conversation:

  • Me: “Hello”
  • Her: “爸爸?” (ba ba? / daddy?) 
  • Me: “uhhhhh” (thinking: who is this 6 year old girl on the line?!)
  • Her: “爸爸?!” (ba ba?! / daddy?!) 
  • Me: “uhhh” (thinking: crap, what if this girl is in trouble?)
  • Her: “爸爸,你在哪里吗?” (ba ba, ni zai na li ma? / daddy, where are you?)
  • Me: “uhhh 这个电话号不好” (uhhh zhe ge dian hua hao bu hao / uhhh this number is not good)
  • Her: “什么什么什么” (basically, I had no idea what she was saying)
  • Me: “我不是你的爸爸” (wo bu shi ni de baba / I’m not your daddy!)

At this point I heard somebody older, like a mother or caretaker in the background say something and then the other end hung up. I’m pretty sure that they called the wrong number so I assume all is good, it was just a really bizzare phone call.