Best Buy Shanghai

Best Buy (百思买) opened the doors for its first store in China today. It’s across the street from work, at the heart of Xujiahui, off of Tianyaoqiao Lu (above the ICBC bank). We went and checked it out at lunch. It’s pretty much the same as the one in the states, but built on 4 floors. It carries cameras, electronics, video games (they had a Wii demo box going), thousands of TVs, and household appliances.

They seem to be definitly catering to the upmarket buyers in Shanghai, given that they were selling mostly Western/Japanese brand products including some direct import products. They did, of course, sell local brands like Haier and the like, but they seemed all to be the premium products they sold. Things are a tad bit more expensive there. For example, my D80 camera was about 1000 RMB more at Best Buy than where I bought it.