Malaysia, Macau and Hong Kong

Or as it’s better known, Yet Another Strange Trip (YAST!). I have to be in Macau for training the 27th and 28th of November, so I figured might as well extend a few days one each side and make a little trip out of it. After scouring for cheap flights and easy of travel within the country I picked out Malaysia as the destination. Plus, the NYT just did a feature piece on the food in Malaysia specifically around the fusion of Malay, Indian and Chinese flavors. Here’s my itinerary:

  • 23 Nov: fly to Hong Kong, then fly to Kuala Lumpur, stay in KL for the night
  • 24 Nov: bus up to the Cameron Highlands (Tanah Rata or thereabouts) and spend the night. Highlights are the tea plantations and the jungles/forests.
  • 25 Nov: bus up to Penang Island (probably stay in Georgetown) and spend the night. I plan to eat a lot around Penang, plus it’s up for nomination as a UNESCO site.
  • 26 Nov: stay in Penang for the day, fly from Penang to KL (ticket was $25!), fly from KL to Hong Kong, ferry from HK to Macau. I’ll likely have to cross in to Hong Kong proper since I’m arriving after the last direct HK Airport to Macau ferry operates
  • 27, 28 Nov: work/training in Macau
  • 29 Nov: ferry over to HK for the day and stay the night in HK. Likely lots of shopping in Hong Kong for stuff I’ve been meaning to buy.
  • 30 Nov: fly back to Shanghai

It’s a lot packed in to a few days but I’m looking forward to spending some time out of Shanghai. As usual, I’ll blog while traveling.