Jean Georges and John Digweed

Had dinner last night at Jean Georges Shanghai (外滩三号). It’s my second time eating there, the last time being in November 2005. The food wasn’t as good as I recalled, but tasty all the same. I ordered a soup and a vegetable medley as my entrée. I wasn’t expecting many options being a vegetarian at a French restaurant but the sauce was fantastic from the medley, but if they’d thrown in some noodles it’d been a great dish.

However, the biggest difference between this time and last was foam! Yes, that’s right. Foam is on a rampage. One of the chef’s tasting dishes was a shot glass of corn soup with foamed brown butter on the top. It tasted like pure cholesterol. One of my friends at dinner ordered some beets that came served in a foam sauce/concoction (if you can really call it that). I’m not the biggest fan of this foam craze, it’s just a bit over the top.

After dinner, I went to this new bar on Huaihai Road (淮海路一号) to see John Digweed play. I left pretty early, after seeing him on for only an hour, but his set of was awesome. It was fully of trancy beats and good rhythms. The venue was awful but the music made up for it.