Four New Albums

On Sunday I made a frenzied shopping dash around Union Square, including four new albums:

  • Crazy Itch Radio by Basement Jaxx – my first Basement Jaxx album. Of the four, I’m listening to this one the most. I’m surprised I never picked up one of their disks earlier. Good, funky and fun.
  • The Open Door by Evanescence – pretty much what I expected from the goth-rock genre. Not as good as their first album, but predictable and enjoyable.
  • Feedback by Jurassic 5 – every subsequent album J5 releases is a step back from the one before. Track one of the disk is great, and there a few sprinklings of the good ol’ lyrical J5 that drew me in years ago, but overall this is just so so.
  • The Outsider by DJ Shadow – talk about a disappointment. From DJ Shadow, who gave us Entroducing, this is just garbage. It’s so hip-hop’ed out, lacks any of the interesting mixes and electronica touches that made his work great.