Where I’ve Been

My blog has been devoid of posts for some time primarly since RedYawning was down for nearly a month. I was in the states two weeks ago and got around to fixing it. Turns out that during a reboot the RAID mirror became inconsistent thus it refused to boot, waiting for me to say “okay” to have it rebuild the array. Lame.

Things are going swimmingly in this half the world. I was in San Francisco for two weeks in the end of June and now back in Shanghai. A typhoon missed the city last night which means it’s been blue skys for a total of a day (a personal best). Work continues as usual but a bit busier now with some of the stuff we did in the states now moving out here. Outside of that, nothing much else going out.

Travel plans for the rest of the year are starting to firm up and it looks like I’ll be heading to India in October which means I have to start applying for a visa. Hopefully I can apply for an OCI but it’s unclear if it’s possible to apply in China and the consulate has yet to return my calls.