Pictures from Bangkok

I have my Bangkok pictures online. Here are the links to the full collections and a few representative shots as well.

Day 1: Night time arrival on Khao San Road

the chaos of vendors, tourists and locals

Day 2: Golden Buddha, Gold Mount and various wats

Wat Indrawihan

the Golden Buddha (see the picture on the right for size contrast)

Gold Mount, first the bells on the walk up and view from the roof

yours truly on top of Gold Mount and the canal near by

Day 3: The Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kaew)


beautiful skies and beautiful artwork and buildings

Lastly, while we were there the celebration of the King’s Jubilee was about a week away so the colors and celebration were in full swing. People everywhere were wearing yellow shirts and signs and pictures of the King were plastered through the city.

people in yellow shirts, portraits of the King, and the party booths in the Royal park