Shanghai Sherpa

It was Thursday and the rain was pounding and the wind was howling through the streets of Shanghai, thanks for Tyhpoon Chanchu.Too lazy and too wet already to venture out from my apartment in hunt of food, I tried for the first time to order a meal from Shanghai Sherpa, a delivery service geared towards foreigners.

I have to say, I’m 100% impressed by their service. I gave them a call, they asked for my number and my address, all in perfect English. I ordered some items off of their menu (a sandwich and some tapenade from a place calld iiiit). They said the food would arrive in an hour due to traffic from the rain and it arrived around their estimated time, warm (but not as hot as I may have liked it) and straight from the resturant.

It’s expensive no doubt. There’s a markup on the items (so it would seem) as well as well as a delivery charge. My meal cost 71 RMB including delivery, which is pretty expensive for any meal around here, but when in a pinch it can’t be beat. I’d recomend it to anybody who doesn’t speak Chinese in need of a delivery food fix.