Quick West Coast Week

In the last episode of the A Day in the Life of Aditya, we found our protagonist splayed flat in his apartment in Shanghai unable to move let alone take his flight to the US. Fast forward to today and he’s getting ready to head back to Shanghai after spending a week in the West Coast. Enough with the third person, let’s get to the recap.

Last Thursday I took off from Shanghai to San Francisco and spent the week between SF, Mountain View, Napa and Redmond. Work was busy and quite productive. I had a very interesting day trip to Redmond as well as managing to get a lot done and taken care of here in California. On the personal side, I got to see all my old friends plus do a wine tour of Napa last weekend, celebrate Chris’ birthday, and go to Jamus’ graduation this weekend. Overall, an excellent trip. Now, for the 17-some-hour flight back.