iPod Photo Importer

When traveling I carry my iPod with a Belkin Media Card Reader to copy the pictures from my digital camera to my iPod so I can free up space on the camera’s memory card. It works really well except when it’s time to move the photos back on to your computer. When you connect up the iPod, all the files show up in the DCIM style format, under folders such as 103APPLE and 104APPLE, etc and not under the “Rolls” in which they appear on the iPod. I’m pretty sure it’s a PC only problem, but it’s incrediably frustrating when you’ve copied things in to the iPod and they’re organized by the rolls.

Thus I wrote a little tool that can import photos off of your iPod and preserve the roll information. It’s quick and dirty but it works. No warranty, guarantee, this is out there as-is. To use it, download the zip and there’s an EXE (it’s a command line tool). It’s build in .NET 2.0, but you can recompile it in 1.1 since there’s nothing 2.0 specific.

iPhotoPhotoImporter <<iPodDisk>> <<destination>>

If your iPod is on your F: drive and you want to put the photos in your c:vacation folder, then:

iPodPhotoImporter F: c:vacation