Heading to Vietnam and Cambodia

I’m taking off tonight for a week and a few days to Southeast Asia, namely Vietnam and Cambodia (in that order). I land in Ho Chi Minh City Friday at 12:30am, and we’re staying in the city for two nights, then traveling by bus or boat to Phnom Penh, were we’ll be for one night. After staying in Phnom Penh, we’re heading for Angor Wat, the centerpiece of our trip and staying in Siem Reap for three nights.

After that, it’s a bit undecided. We’ll likely head back to Vietnam and I want to go to Hue and/or Hoi An, but it’ll depend on transportation since it’s some 15 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Trip wraps up back in Ho Chi Minh City, with me flying out at 1AM next Sunday, getting back to Shanghai at some awfully early hour.

Given any available internet access, I’ll blog while on the route.