My Wireless Networks

Windows has these following networks listed in the order below in my network settings. I thought it was a bit interesting to share where they’re from:

  • MSFTWLAN – Microsoft’s corporate wireless network, works across continents and offices so I don’t have to switch networks based on my location
  • MissionNet – my home in Shanghai. Called MissionNet since it’s the same wirelss router I had when I lived on Mission Street
  • SmokeNet – my parents place in New Jersey. Called ‘Smoke’ since it’s a part of their street address
  • SunsetWire – Ami’s apartment in San Francisco. Named for the district of San Francisco she’s in, plus ‘wire’ since it’s a 2Wire router
  • NRT-AIRPORT – Narita Airport, Tokyo. They have pay-per-day internet access at the airport and I find myself there frequently enough that it’s worth keeping