Heading to Macau

On pretty much the equlivant of a whim, I’m heading to Macau tomorrow afternoon for the weekend. I’d originally planned to head over on a domestic flight to Zhuhai and take a bus or taxi in to Macau from there but the flight that would get me to Macau was pretty late and I didn’t particuarly care to risk having the border crossing be closed and risk being stuck in Zhuhai. So, I booked the flight direct to Macau (MFM) that lands in the evening (acutally, the flight I was originally booked on was cancelled, so I was bumped earlier).

In 2005, the city core of Macau was made a UNESCO World Heritage site, so I’m definintly going to check that out. Of course, there’s gambling. When looking at Macau info, I came across the name of the Casino Lisboa, which I can recall from about ten different Cold War spy novels that I’ve read over the years, all with scenes that go something like: “At 3am, go to the third blackjack table at the Lisboa, bet exactly 100 dollars and stay on whatever hand you have. The dealer will then then pass you a note where to pick of the package.”

Hopefully I’ll have some internet capability there so I’ll be blogging while I’m in the SAR and posting pictures as well.