Finally Some Good Weather

When I used to live in California (even more so in Southern CA), the weather was never something that crossed my mind. I always was able to assume “good”. Even in Northern CA, “good enough” was all that I ever thought about. Here in Shanghai, I’ve grown in a new appreciation for the fine art of meteorology and being constantly aware of how it feels outside the windows from this 16F office. My companion in this adventure is the Yahoo Weather Gadget which constantly reminds me of how awful the next three days are going to be. However, starting yesterday things have started to look up!

The next three days are in the 9s and 10s (that’s the high 40s and low 50s for you Fahrenheit fans) and sunny! Of course, in the evenings, it’s still going to be freezing (literally). The days still feel bitter cold, but at least the humid cold seems to have passed and perhaps the days are starting to warm. One of my key requirements for my next apartment is going to be how close to the subway tunnels it is so I can avoid exposure to the elements on the way to and from work.