Sodexho Card

Every month Microsoft issues to us a “Sodexho” card, which is a fixed value smart card that can be used at various food retailers across the city. Our building, Metro Tower is connected to a shopping mall called Metro City in which the ground floor is a mega food court. It’s call both Da Shi Da (I think?) or Megabyte, which houses about 20 or 30 different food vendors, mostly Chinese and I think some Japanese as well. Throughout the place, no cash is accepted, only these stored value cards. For folks who don’t have one, there’s a cashier from which you can buy a card and then redeem it for the unused value. The card can also be used at Starbucks (at least the one in Metro City), KFC, McDonalds, Ajisen Ramen, and a bunch of other places. Apparently, you can also use it at the Warner movie theater in Grand Gateway but I haven’t tried that one yet. has more info.