My Shanghai Apartment

The post many of you have been asking for (where many is something like two), I got around to taking pictures of my apartment on the way to work this morning. Here they are.

My apartment complex is located on Wanping Nanlu (from my limited Chinese it means Wanping South Street, and apparently Wanping is a city somewhere) near Xietu Lu. On the right side of the street, before the first intersection, are two coffee shops (O’Lane and UBC) two property agencies, a Bank of Shanghai and a China Merchant’s Bank. On the other side is a Japanese restaurant, a Croissants de France (which accepts the Sodexho card), a shabu-shabu style hole in the wall (that I have yet to attempt), plus a bunch of other randomness:


My apartment complex, called Xujiahui Gardens on Wanping Nanlu. The tower in the back left is mine, more directly pictured on the right.

The building has something like four entrances, one on each face of the building (left picture). On each floor are three apartments (right picture is mine).


After that, it’s a pretty standard apartment. This is the kitchen. You can’t really see it, but there are three burners, two standard “American” styled ones, and one very large one for a wok:

The living room has a TV and sofa. All the apartments here come fully furnished, so all that you see was provided:

My bedroom also came with a TV, although the bed itself isn’t picture, it’s a queen with an incredibly hard mattress:

Lastly, the views from my balcony on the 7th floor are beautiful views of the haze/smog and other buildings. Although you see a satellite, I don’t actually have satelite TV. Due to the orientation of my apartment and the view of the buildings I have, the only satellites I have a view of don’t carry English channels. Note now limited the visibility is: