Anon’s Infection

Many of you known already, but Anon, our turtle, has been sick. He’s been looking a bit pink on his skin for a few months and in December it started to look bad and the area around his shell started to look puffy. We started to get worried and took him to the vet where we found out that he had twin bacterial infections.

He’s been on antibiotics ever since and has a couple days left on his current perscription. Ami took him in to the vet again yesterday and his condition has improved (the swelling is down but he’s still pink-ish). The vet is did another culture; I have yet to see it done, but it sounds horrible: they have to hold open his mouth and swab it with a qtip). Once the culture comes back we’ll be able to see if needs to continue on antibiotics or if he’s healthy enough to come off of them.

His infections is waterborn, which means that he hasn’t been able to swim in his tank since he was diagnosed and has to be kept in what’s called “dry dock”. Basically, he’s kept in a dry tank every day except for half an hour where he’s allowed to soak and feed. Wish him luck!