Back in the States

I got back to the states this morning after an uneventful flight. The last few days in Shanghai were spent at the same breakneck pace that the first few where. Kevin and I counted that we slept an average of four to five hours a night for the entire week. I’ve developed a bit of a cough that I’m certain is a mixture of the filght, lack of sleep and polution. In the course of the week, I must have inhaled a pack’s worth of pollution over the stay. Luckly, the last day there the rain came and cleared up the air.

Friday night, the whole group went out to Babyface and I didn’t make it back to the hotel until about 3:30AM and we had to wake up at 6:30AM to make the flight out. Babyface is a impressive club, very sleek and sexy with perhaps the best soundsystem I’ve heard in a venue.

The dance club scene in Shanghai is not unlike the United States, outside the fact that there are what I can only describe as call girls, who will ask you to buy them drinks and if you keep it up they’ll spend the evening conversing with you. I guess a better word for them might be geisha. From what I can tell it’s pretty much drinks and conversation only, there is no prositition component; although, once you step out of the club that’s not hard to find as girls will walk up to you, tug your arm and say “sex?” or “you sex me?”