iPod Nano

I made my way to the Apple Store in Union Square today to check out the new iPod Nano. It is, infact, every bit as cool as I had imagined it to be. It’s impossibily tiny, solid state (so you can hit next as much as you want and not have to wait for the disk to spin up), fully color with album art and the sound quality sounded as good as my full sized iPod. At the store, there were a swarm of people around the table with the Nano’s, almost all drolling over the gadgetry. In fact, CNet documented the “buzz” at the SF store from today. Judging from the pulse of the store and the lines at the register, Apple must have a few hundred today at that store alone. As much as I wanted one I did, however, manage to resist.

iPod Nano iPod Nano

Update: added some pictures from the store.