Random Thoughts from Yesterday

I met Justin at Santana Row last night for dinner. The way to there from work is exactly what my commute home used to be when I lived in Sunnyvale. The route is 101 South to 85 South to 280 South. I left the office at 7:15PM and was at my old off ramp at 7:28PM. 13 minutes! Compared to my current commute, which averages around 45 minutes, it’s mind numbing. Roundtrip is one and a half hours versus half an hour.

It was weird being back at Santana Row; I haven’t been there in at least 6 or 8 months and I used to spend so much time there. The movie theater is finished and operating. There’s a new restaurant (Mediterranean) in the theater complex. We had a glass of wine while waiting for dinner at the top of the Hotel Valencia (the wine bar is new as well). It’s got a great view of the valley. I’ll also be there for a UCSD alumni event there next Thursday as well (wine and cheese tasting). For dinner, we went to Straits and ordered a couple of small plates (noodles, rice, tofu, the like). The same band that used to play Thursday nights there was at it again.

In some ways it feels like nothing in life changes while everything changes right beside it. And it makes me feel older! 🙂