Taqueria Can Cun, The Best Veggie Burrito in SF

Yesterday while walking on Mission trying to find a place to view Carnival from, I stumbled on to a place that claimed to have the best veggie burritos in San Francisco. It was nearly 10AM and having not have breakfast, the time was ripe to have a burrito so I ducked in an ordered the famed veggie burrito. Undoubtedly, Taqueria Can Cun has the best veggie burrito I have ever had, San Francisco or not. Filled will all the usual goodness (beans, rice, sour cream, salsa, cheese, avocado) it gets its punch with cilantro covered onions and the freshness of the ingredients. Their salsa’s pack a sinus killing punch and it’s cheap to boot. It’s a must try in the Mission (at Mission & 19th St).