Low Key City Weekend

I kept it pretty low key this weekend, catching up on sleep from a hectic week at work. On Friday, I briefly went to Fluid to hang out with Pablo and his consorts. Saturday, Jamus, Ami and I went and saw the Giants versus Oakland game at SBC Park. The nose bleed seats had great views and we gorged ourselvs on fantastic ball park junk food. After the game, from my place, we were able to the see the KFOG Kaboom fireworks from the windows. Ami and I made our way over to Bliss Bar in Noe Valley and met up with Tanya and friends to catch up since she was in town for a friend’s graduation. Lastly, today we went over to Fillmore Street, had brunch at The Grove, walked around and did some window shopping and spent most of the day walking around various parts of San Francisco.