The Last Two-ish Days in Amsterdam

I can’t believe I’m at an easyInternetcafe. This is the kind of thing I make fun off all the time. Yep, it’s gaudy and orange but it is acutally cheap (e.g. 1.70e/hour cheap and half the computers don’t work cheap). We arrived in Amsterdam yesterday morning on time, the first of our intra-European travels that went off without a hitch. The sightseeing started (the shopping started a bit before, me picking up a Moleskin and a gauffre on Museumplein) at De Pijp and Albert Cupmarket, a large outdoor market. We had lunch at this great Surinam-ean place on Albert Cupstraat, right after the market where we got a dish called “roti vegeteran” that was a huge bowl of a curry with potatos and a large roti on top. Very filling for only 3.50e! We made our way over to Dam Square and took in the sights, including some window shopping in De Bijenkorf and a couple of the side streets in the area. We walked around quite a bit more through the area and many of the canals, crisscrossing north/south a large part of the city

Today started at Anne Frank Huis, the house in that Anne Frank and her family hid in during the occupation of the Netherlands. It’s an incredibly well done exhibit, with many primary sources, such as the family member’s identification cards, as well as the actual diary of Anne Frank. We followed that with a walk through the Negen Straatjes (but not making any purchaces, even though the toothbrush store was quite tempting) and then to the Bloemenmarkt and strolled through the flower stalls. It’s a funny town, Amsterdam: on one shelf would be tulip bulbs to talk home, the shelf below it a grow-it-yourself cannibis kit (seeds included, of course), below which would be a grow-it-yourself bonzi kit. Something for everyone, it seems.