J’aime Paris

I’m back in Paris, baby! And let me say, it’s the bomb. I love this city. The flight was uneventful and very non-stop. I’d never flown in to CDG in any terminal but number three (which is the discount one) and got totally lost trying to get our RER tickets. After half an hour of bumbling around the various automated terminals which couldn’t read my credit card, we managed to find one willing to dispense tickets. We boarded the limited RER B and headed towards Chatlet and changed on to the 7 for Pont Marie. Walking out of the Pont Marie station right on the intersection of the Seine and the actual Pont is a wonderful experience, full of honking cars, street vendors selling prints and beautiful views of the Ile Saint Louis. Weather is a bit shabby, overcast but no rain thankfully. It’s time to head out and walk around town to fight off any jetlag.