Flea Market at Ami’s School

About three weeks ago the taqueria across the street from Ami’s elementry school was held up at gun point and a few of the patrons were shot by the theifs. Check out this email that was sent to the school’s faculty:

I wanted to announce that this Saturday (April 9)  we are having a flea market at the Garfield CDC site. It is a fund raiser for a family in our classroom that is in need of  some tender loving care right now. On March 25, a parent in our classroom was shot while working during an armed robbery in the taqueria by the school. He was shot twice in the neck and is spending the month in intensive care trying to recover.  Meanwhile, his family is left trying to cope.  There are two small children at home, and they are in need of the basics: money, food, pull-ups, etc……….. We are accepting donations of any kind in order to sell them at the flea market on Saturday.  If you would like to bring stuff by, drop it off in Room 4 at the Garfield site by Friday afternoon.  Also, please feel free to come by on Saturday to do some shopping!  We are also accepting food and pull-up (2-3 year old) donations in the classroom as well.

Incomprehensible, isn’t it? The school is located at 3600 Middlefield Road in Menlo Park if you wish to help.