Any Given Sunday

I stayed in most of the weekend recovering from a cold, so by the time Sunday rolled around I was itching to do something. Jamus IM’ed me around 11 in the morning, informing me of a Lakers vs. Kings game at 12:30. I tried to convince him to come over to no avail, so I decided to make the 90 minute drive over to Sacramento for some good basketball, beer and sandwiches. The game turned out to be terrible, like most Lakers games thes days but the sandwiches were good (from The Bread Shop, near the capitol) as was the Bass. I rounded out the afternoon in Sacramento watching Tiger clinch the Masters in overtime then made the drive back to SF.

Back in the city in the evening, I met up with Derek and went over to the Warfield to see the Garbage show. We jammed out to an awesome show, basking in the hotness of Shirly Manson. Derek’s second concert in as many nights (with U2 on Saturday) proved that he’s a total concert fiend. Ears still ringing, now with Ami in tow, we got burritos at 6th and Market. After burritos, it was over to Post and Sutter (?) to Thai place called Ozone in order to meet up with Steven and his friends for a few beers put a good end to any given Sunday.