Power Outage in SF

Power went out in a good part of the city last night. My building lost power around 7PM so I left the apartment to see what was up. The elevators were out, so I crisscrossed around the elevator shafts to find an exit that I could get back in via. After a couple of minutes of exploring some “new” parts of my building (e.g. the Section 8 housing on the 2nd floor), I managed to exit via the the parking garage.

Power on Mission was out from 4th to at least 8th, on Market and up through downtown. The city is incredibly eerie without any lights. I hung out for a while at Market and 6th (a very sketch part area), where the cops were hanging out — probably to prevent looting  — who let us know there was a fire at the PG&E station and power would be out for a couple of hours. They had laid flares out across the intersections on Market and Mission. Playgoers who were seeing Evita were sent back home and general madness reigned supreme on Market (although, that’s not really much different than any Saturday night).

I got back to my place around 9PM and power was back on at 9:30. While the power was out at home, I had an opportunity to take some cool pictures.