Thoughtless Acts by Jane Fulton Suri

I came across the book Thoughtless Acts by Jane Fulton Suri while browsing the Chronicle Books location at the Metreon. The book covers how we unknowingly interact with the spaces around us to create form, definition and structure out of structureless spaces. It’s a collection of pictures that show the various interactions. One great example that was in the book was a picture of two people walking down the street holding a cup of coffee in a Starbucks style cup. One had a heat sleve and the other diddn’t. The the former case, the subject of the picture was holding the cup straight on with four fingers wrapped around the cylinder and thumb opposing. In the latter, the subject had four fingers on the lid and the thumb holding the base of the cup. It’s a good example of our interaction with objects that is caused by the object’s properties. Another example from the book was someone filling up gas in their car and had a cup on the roof of the car, creating a temporary surface in order to fulfil the task at hand (filling gas). The book is full of interesting examples of things such as this.