April European Vacation

It’s settled, I’m going back to Europe in April. I depart for Paris on Wednesday, April 13th, arriving on Thursday. On Saturday, I head to Amsterdam to meet Ami. Monday we go to Krakow, Poland until Wednesday and depart back to the states the following Saturday (April 23rd). It’s a solid vacation for me. I got Ami’s ticket on my frequent flier miles and was able to apply a denied boarding voucher to my ticket, so in total our tickets cost $500.

I’m looking to do some of my favorite things in Paris, like hanging out on the Ile, eating ice cream at Bertillon, getting mint strawberry jams, and of course, my sister’s apartment on Quai d’Anjou, getting frustrated at Chatlet, and visiting all the museums I’ve missed in the last few trips. Hopefully some clubbing with my sister and friends and of course good food and treats.

I’m not quite certain what I want to do in Amsterdam, obviously checking out the Van Gough and Rembrandt museums, walking the streets to explore the city. If any body has suggestions on the city, let me know. Partying will obviously be part of it since I’ve heard Amsterdam has a great night life. Krakow should be really interesting, I loved Estonia when I was there and I’ve read really good things about Krakow (it’s the new Warsaw). We’ll be making a trip out to Auschwitz and more than anything I’m looking forward to listening to my iPod, guide book and camera in hand and checking the city out, much as I did in Tallinn.

Anyway, badass. Down with work, up with vacation.