Vacation is Over and a Small Look Back on 2004

Sadly, it must end. I was out of the office for 16 glorious days and I’m sad to have to go back to work. That’s not totally true; while I was feeling quite burnt out from work by the last few weeks of 2004, this time off has been refreshing and I’m feeling ready to get back in to the swing of things. 2005 is going to be an interesting year at Hotmail and I’m sure it’ll contain it’s own headaches unique from 2004 and 2003.

In the two+ weeks I had off, I visited Costa Rica and my parents, as well as spending copius amounts of time doing nothing in both those locations and here in San Francisco. I re-visited New York City and Philadelphia and have put the commitment together for 2005 to buy a home (before you think I subscribe to New Years resolutions, it’s not one since I’ve been wanting to for a few months now and finally am seeing places worth buying).

2004 was a great year. Lots of crazy, life defining things happened. My parents moved across the country, my sister moved to Paris, I moved to San Francisco, Ami moved in, I visisted the UK, France, Estonia, Finland, Ireland and Costa Rica, my job took off, and I think, for the first time yet, I felt like I’m a grown-up and not a college kid anymore (although I hold strong to the claim that I hardly act any differently). Let’s see what 2005 brings.