Enjoying San Diego

I made a trip down to San Diego to recruit the best and the brightest of UCSD and took a day and a half (Thursday & Friday) to work in the Microsoft San Diego office to get away from my office and get some work done. Not to mention, it was awfully convinent timing since I was considering making it down here this weekend anyway. In any case, yesterday I gave my old roommate Ryan Taylor a call and his new band (Orion Frequency) was playing a show on the UCSD campus. So Dan and I made it over there after going on a hunt through Hillcrest, North Park and Kensington to get him food and a stop at American Apparel. It was great to see Ryan, he’s totally got the rock ‘n roll jam look down and was rocking his signature chops on his guitar. The band’s music is solid, check out the site for a couple of tracks. After his show we made our way to Porters Pub on campus to check out another band that was playing there. We got ourselves a beer, started playing a couple people foozball while listening to some band jam reggae. That’s what I miss about college.

Tonight Shane and Justin are getting in to town and we’re going out to dinner with a bunch of people. I’m also going to swing by Island where Ryan’s working at the moment to get a happy hour drink since he’s manning the bar at the resturant. Tomorrow will take us on our yearly day trip to Mexico. Stay tuned for details.