Work Can Be Hilarous

I had the funniest thread at work today. We’re trying to debug a problem with some code we use, internal to Microsoft. We’re not sure if it’s in one team’s code or another’s, but we’re certain it’s not ours and we have log files to show it. So, we passed on the logs to a thread that had both the teams on it saying, “check it out, what’s up?” After a couple of emails on the thread going, “Hum, this doesn’t look like it’s our fault” and “I don’t get it, the other code is going to send us something, but then decides to give up” and after a couple titrations it gets settled that that it’s one of team’s issue. While that may not sound very funny, it’s hilarious banter to see dev’s both getting completly flumoxed and tossing the hot potato from one side to the other. After writing this up, it’s probably not that funny all, but I’m still grinning.