The Waiting is Painful

It’s 2:40AM in London and I’m watching Sky News’ round the clock coverage of the election and I hate waiting. It’s looking like Florida is shifting back to Bush (but I’m guessing we won’t know for a while since the absentee ballots) and half the states that are important are too close to call. It’s a bit amusing, they have two Brit’s covering with an American “expert analyst” and there is a US flag flying in the background and they’re covering it from Washington. I wonder how much later I can really stay up to keep watching this.

Recap on the day in London. Had some spare time in the morning and saw the Raphael Exhibit at the National Gallery. Went in to the office and had some very productive meetings, then called in to another bunch of meetings. Tomorrow will be much of the same with my mornings being a bit free, so I may spend some time hitting sights. I went to dinner with Justin’s sister at a Indian place (Veeraswami — very good pani puri) and met up with Brian later in the evening at a hip-hop club. Good musc, some skandalous girls, lots of brotha and sistas with Brit accents. Much fun, back to election night TV.