It’s Already Getting Ugly

It’s only 5:10AM EST, and already the first major polling drama has started to unfold: “Federal appeals court ruled early Tuesday morning that the Republican Party could place thousands of people inside polling places to challenge the eligibility of voters, a blow to Democrats who argued those challengers will intimidate minority voters.” and “But it appeared likely that when Ohio polls open, the Republicans would be able to put 3,500 challengers inside polling places around the state. Democrats also planned to send more than 2,000 monitors to the polls, though they said those people would not challenge votes.” If Floriday (where Kerry holds a 2% lead), Ohio and Penn go to Kerry, it’s a lock for Kerry on the White House. If any of those states slip, it’s all Bush or a legal fight. Well, it’ll probably end up in the courts in any case. Good luck and godspeed, John Kerry.