Beat The Halo 2 Campaign

Jamus and I played Halo for another eight or so hours this weekend and beat the campaign in Halo 2. While it was quite fun, I was a bit dissapointed. The story was good and I enjoyed the plot, but the story telling left something to be desired. Lots of the scenes were not stiched together well and the amount of switching between the Covenant and the humans left parts of the plot confusing. Worst of all was the cliffhanger ending. While I’ll be happy to buy Halo 3, I wanted some more closure to the plot line in this one. Jamus pointed me at some propoganda online on how they scaled back Halo 2, as it was supposed to feature 16 levels, 4 on Halo, 4 on the Covenant home world and 8 on Earth. Halo 2 delivered a whopping one on Earth, so it looks like they scaled it back in interest of either shipping (understandable) or making a Halo 3. Great gameplay and I enjoyed every minute of playing, just wanted more.