Back in the States

I’m back in California after being out of the country for a week and a half. Can’t really say I’m that excited to be back. It’s raining outside, the weather is miserable, Bush is still president and I have a pile of work to dig myself out of. Halo 2 is out, so I’ll be happy to waste my weekend away playing make believe as the Master Chief. Also, today is Diwali, and I talked to my parents and grandparents in India, which is always a good thing. Thanksgiving is two weeks away and the holidays are right around the corner; December holds vacationing in Costa Rica plus and extended trip home.

Dublin was fantastic. I went and visisted Trinity College, the Guinesses Storehouse, St. Patrick’s Cathederal among other things. I had a fablous dinner with the Ireland team at One Pico as well as plenty of Guiness and whiskey. On the plane ride back to the states I met two very cool Irish girls and we talked through the entire flight on the way back, ignoring the movie in exchange for conversation. Crazy thing about coming back from Dublin was that I went through US imigration in the Dublin airport. There was a US Border Control station in the Dublin airport and my passport is stamped “Admited – DBL”. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen that happen. Pictures of Dublin.