Back in London (Or 25 Minutes in Amsterdam)

I’m back in London, at St. Martin’s Lane Hotel. Trip was relatively uneventful. On the flight to Cincinnati, I learned from the gentleman sitting next to me that the airport is actually in Kentucky. Interesting. Upon arriving to the gate for the flight to Gatwick, the gate agent was announcing that the flight was oversold and they were taking volunteers to get bumped. After a bit of haggling and optimizing their suggested route, I ended up with $200 in Delta Dollars, a business class seat to Amsterdam and a flight to Heathrow arriving 2.5 hours later than I’d originally planned for! Business class is awesome. Well, I don’t think awesome quite describes it, it’s more like unbelievable (or perhaps “excellent”, seeing that I’m in London). From the moment you set foot on the plane, it’s like being on an eight hour formal dinner with a concierge. Sleeper seats, personal entertainment units, food every 30 minutes, amenities from L’Occitane en Provence, wine and cocktails, pretty much everything you can imagine. The seats were so nice that I was actually able to sleep on my side. When the flight landed in Amsterdam, the stewardess paged over the plane’s PA system, “Mr. Bansod, an electric cart is waiting for you to reach your flight.” At this point, I’m like, wow, business class is something else. In actuality it turned out that I had 25 minutes to catch my flight to London and they zipped me across der Luchthaven to make it. From the airport to the hotel was old hat as is getting around these parts of London these days. The weather is (expectedly) miserable, overcast and drizzlely. I went by the office and picked up my mobile (my sister sent it from Paris), so I’m fully connected. That’s it for now.