A Long(er) Update After A Quick Update

I’m in Dublin hanging out in my hotel room working on mail. Here’s the Reader’s Digest day by day:

  • Wednesday — in the morning went to Threadneedle Street and the City, saw the museum for the Bank of England. Work, met my cousin for dinner in Egham, then a bar with Brian. Pictures.
  • Thursday — saw my dad in the morning (6AM!) at Gatwick Aiport while he was en-route to India, went over to Canary Wharf and then Greenwich for the remaning morning. Lunch with the team, work, had dinner with Minna, then a bar with Brian. Pictures.
  • Friday — shopped at Carnaby Street, arrived at Luton a few hours early since I read my eTicket wrong, got to Paris, went to a party at my sister’s friend’s place, and at 1:30 decided to go clubbing to Caberet, home at 5:30. Pictures.
  • Saturday — around Paris, the Iles, hanging out with sister and friends. Pictures.
  • Sunday — more of Paris, hanging out with sister’s friends, flight to Dublin. Pictures.
  • Monday — meetings in Dublin, dinner with Ireland folks, back at hotel (Westin College Green)

Summary: Paris is lovely but the metro and RER is dirty as can be (on my RER ride from CDG to Chatlet, some guy was throwing up on the train and his friend was spitting on the floor), London is awesome but far too expensive and lacks Paris unparalleled beauty (just look at the pictures!). I’d live in either in a heartbeat. Dublin requires exploration tomorrow.