Public Transportation is Zen

I’ve been taking CalTrain from San Francisco to Mountain View for the last two weeks. I’m attempting to commute by train at least 3 times a week and drive during the middle of the week. Taking the train is bliss. I take the baby bullet train 7:11AM to work and the 5:58 PM back home. My hours are a way different days I take the train, they’re basically shifted up 2 hours but I find myself doing email on the train and in the evenings so I can stay caught up with people who are still in the office in the evenings. It’s so much nicer to not have to worry about driving, traffic, or gas. Price wise, it costs about the same to take the train ($36/10 ride pass versus 3 gallons/70 mile round-trip + depreciation), plus Microsoft runs a shuttle from the Mountain View station to work and I can park my car at the CalTrain station at 4th and King.