Site Visits Finally Done

Finished the last of the site visits and write up about half an hour ago. Between Sunday and today (Thursday), we’ve worked something like 80 hours and written something like 50 pages of documentation and reports. All that’s left now is the final write up tomorrow, which promises to be a day full of sitting around and writing, starting at 10 AM and hopefully ending early enough to enjoy what a Finnish Friday is. We’re going to have to generate some 30 – 40 pages of report that sums up this whole week’s work.

We met a ‘young professional’ women in her office today. She runs 3 businesses, which is crazy. Nearly every moment we were with her she was on the phone or the computer. A totally connected woman. The mobile phone and text messaging are such a normal part of Finnish culture. The cell phone has been here for ages, it was practially created by Nokia and has almost entered this position in local culture that it’s a utility in the same way your wallet is.

Not many pictures today, since we spent most of our time in an office and two hours between offices in a Greek resturant working on the report. I just head this a song from this album on MTV2. Sounds interested, it’s now on my Amazon wish-list. Hopefully Saturday will be rainless in Helsinki so I can spent the day sightseeing. Also, if you want a post card from here, leave a comment and I’ll try to send you one.