Playing with Firefox

I downloaded the Pre-Release version of Firefox today and I agree with the press, this thing is snazzy. Built in RSS, lots of cool plug ins, super fast browsing and tabs are just the icing. The one feature that has me sold more than any other is “Adblock”, an extension that allows you to block and remove ads from any site based on URLs the ads refer to. I’ve now blocked all Doubleclick ads, Google ads, MSN ads among many others. It’s so fool-proof that in many cases the page content just slides in to the correct place as if the ad was never there. If you use it on Hotmail, it makes using Hotmail exactly identical to if you had paid to get no ads. Even the RedYawning RTE (FreeTextBox) works. Quite an impressive browser, and I’m going to give it a shot to use as my primary web browser and see if it pans out.