Packed Last Couple of Days

My sister came to town Wednesday night to head over to the French consulate on Thursday to get her student visa in preperation for her year abroad in Paris. Since she was in town we decided to do many of the visits to family and family friends that I’d been neglecting over the last few months. It was good to see all the familiar folks and we had lots of good food and fun visiting everybody. I also gave my sister my “old” third gen 15GB iPod and bought myself a new fourth gen 40GB iPod. It was great to see her and I’m really looking forward to going out to Jersey (Aug 19 – Aug 22) to visit my family before she leaves for France.

On Sunday Ami and I signed the lease on our new place in the City and got our keys. After getting back to the valley, we went to begin The Bleeding of The Cash and start getting furnishings for our new place. Starting at Best Buy by getting a vacumme cleaner, we threw dollars around getting a table at Crate and Barrel, chairs at Design Within Reach, plates and glasses at Ikea on top of the silverwear we’d already bought at Macy’s. As if that’s not enough, we still need to get a TV, a sofa, a coffee table and a entertainment center. We start to move today (acutally more like “I” since Ami is in Denver for the week) and have a convienent two week overlap between Leighton and Mission. I’ll post pictures of the place once we’ve got stuff in it.