Finally Moved In

I’m moved in to my new apartment in the city. It’s tiny, in between a questionable area of the city, but I’m loving it. It’s a close to the freeways, I’m pretty much in downtown itself, it’s a walk from almost all the major things in the area and on on top of it all, it’s home. It’s been a busy last couple of weeks. I spent two weekends ago moving (Uhaul and all), and I’ve still got some stuff left in the old Sunnyvale apartment that I’m trying to get rid of. Last Wednesday I was in Seattle/Redmond on business for the day and then Thursday thru Sunday I was in New Jersey visiting my family and sister one last time before she headed out to Paris. Next Saturday I leave for Finland to spend a week there doing user studies, then on to London for 2 days for meetings with some MSN teams who’re based in the office there and then to Paris for 3 days to visit my sister and enjoy the envrions. It’s amazingly busy, life is, but when is it not? Now that RedYawning is back up, I’ll be posting again with frequency.