Weekend Update

Spent the weekend in San Diego. Rough overview:

Friday — arrived in San Diego, met a bunch of people at Sushi Ota (sic?) in Mission Beach for Tanya’s birthday. Went to the Nite Owl after the dinner, stayed for a drink, then came back to Cather. Most of the people came over afterwards, so we all stayed up hanging out till 5am or so.

Saturday — gym in the morning, Laker game in the afternoon, and Supersize Me in the evening (great movie)

Sunday — went on a massive hike. Justin, Ami and I originally thought we’d go up to Torrey Pines and hike around at the preserve, but it was full and we coudn’t park at the park, so we parked up near Del Mar, and walked along the beach for some three-ish miles from Del Mar all the way down to the Scripps Pier. Luckily, Dan came and picked us up at the La Jolla end so we didn’t have to walk all the way back. Got Wahoo’s for a late lunch, went back to get the car, came home and slept for 2 hours. After waking up, we went to Keith’s in Miramar for dinner (which has these awesome Veggie Melts — basically grilled cheese with a bunch of vegetables in it) and then went to Gaslamp to see what was happening. We tried to check out this piano bar we’d heard of, but couldn’t find it, so after some more searching, we settled at Ra and had a good time there with Dan, Ami, Justin, Ricky and Jennifer. On the way back to the car, I ran in to Charlie (my roommate from first year), of all people. He looks good and is graduating this year.

Monday — got lunch with my sister at Whole Foods. The La Jolla Whole Foods has ripped out their Cafe (boo!) and replaced it with a huge selection of prepacked meals (yay?). I guess it’s not too bad, as Ami pointed out that the cafe wasn’t that good anyway. After lunch, we went shopping at UTC and went and saw Shrek 2 (hilarous). Dropped her back off at her appartment and then went straight to the gym with Ami. Came back to Cather and watched the Lakers finally put away the Timberwolves, then flew back to San Jose.

Not a bad weekend!