More Hotmail News

Looks like the news has spread far and wide. Zdnet, Cnet and a bunch of others are carrying the it. Here is the offical Microsoft press release. We’ve been talking about here in the office that we want to be in the game not to make it about storage but about the software we make and the service we offer. So, yep, we’ll give you 250 megs for free. We’ll even bump it up to 2 gigs if you want to pay for it. But we’re going to do a lot more to make you stay with or join Hotmail on top of storage. Anti virus cleaning is going to be free to all users soon, putting Hotmail at the top of the pack for securing our end users from malicious attacks. Reeves blogs on the same thing as well. We’ll be delivering a lot of cool stuff, such as making Calendar free again (which has awesome sharing features that used to be only available to MSN subscribers) to all the anti-spam stuff such as Sender ID and our SmartScreen technology. It’s just the beginning.