Vacation Planning

I’m trying to think were to take vacation next. It should be noted that this vacation won’t happen till sometime in December, but still, it gets me excited to think about it. I’m taking a Friday off later in May to go visit my parents, and the Friday before 4th of July to get a 4 day weekend. I’ve been running the idea of a weekend trip to Vegas by some of my friends for sometime in June or July (if you’re interested in joining, leave a comment). So that takes care of May, June (or) July. Then August, September (perhaps sneak a weekend excursion in here?), October, November, then vacation December. Where to go? Ami and I have been talking about a vacation to somewhere in Asia. Our last three vacations have been UK, Belgium, and Mexico, so a trip to the east I think would be in good order. Unfortunately, China, Japan and Hong Kong are ridiculously expensive in the winter. Roughly speaking, the cheapest vacation package during the Christmas time to Tokyo is $1,300/person, Beijing is $1,000/person and Hong Kong is $1,100. If I was able to go about 3 months earlier (say in September), it would be easily $300 cheaper. Maybe it’s just time to sneak away to the Galapagos (~$2,700/person!).