The City of Microsoft, Washington

Every time I come to Microsoft’s Redmond Campus, I remember that I’m a tool in this gigantic machine. When I arrived at my hotel, nearly every car in the four hotel cluster was an Avis rental (the offical car company of the country of Microsoft). When I left the hotel this morning, not only was I able to get a map to the campus from the reciptionist, he asked me which building I was looking for and highlighted the way there. I followed the car with the license plate 838-MSN. It’s amazing, as it is a bit demented, that this whole city is really geared towards this one company. I’m in the Microsoft Conference Center in building 33, where earlier I was in RedWest A, C and D, which are all a small slice of a 50 some building campus. I’m not sure if I’m amazed or afraid by the size and pervasiveness of this orginization.