Search is Getting Interesting Again

Finally, search is getting interesting again. I’d love to see a rehash of the AltaVista versus Google battles go down again. Everybody knows that MSN, Yahoo and Amazon are making plays in the search space that Google now owns (and dominates). Yahoo intends to roll out its search product by the end of Q1 2004, god knows when MSN’s search will make it to market (altho you can see a highly improved version of it at, and there are some new commers on the scene, such as Dipsie. The media and press have been hyping a MSN versus Google showdown, but looking around at the players it should be much more interesting. John Battelle’s Searchblog does a much better job of cover the impending search war.

Update: I guess Yahoo started switching their UI today. Check out It’s impressive! Customizable tabs, auto RSS integration into My Yahoo not to mention the search results seems quite relevant. Choice in search — I’m loving it!