NYT Article on Blogs

I ran across this article on the New York Times (which, amusingly enough, I found while going reading through my feed reader) about blogging as a cultural phenomena (specifically in teens). The best quote from the article:

Blogging is a replication of real life: each pool of blogs is its own ecosystem, with only occasional links to other worlds. As I surfed from site to site, it became apparent that as much as journals can break stereotypes, some patterns are crushingly predictable: the cheerleaders post screen grabs of the Fox TV show ”The O.C.”; kids who identify with ”ghetto” culture use hip-hop slang; the geeks gush over Japanese anime. And while there are exceptions, many journal writers exhibit a surprising lack of curiosity about the journals of true strangers. They’re too busy writing posts to browse.

Update: Reeves also has a very interesting post about this article.